Wasp Control Service

Tips to Carry Out DIY Pest Control for Wasps 

Are you constantly troubled by unwanted guests from the pest kingdom in your home? Among the many pests that pose a considerable threat to humans, wasps have always been the most frightening of them all! The dangerous thing about wasps is that they can set up their nests in the vicinity of your home and fly swiftly around doors and entryways.

It’s like they are there for a moment and in the next moment, they are gone! Adding up to the threat quotient, wasps can also attack with a potentially fatal sting when they are under threat. Therefore, pest control for wasps has become one of the top priorities for homeowners all over the world.  

Although all wasps don’t sting, they can be a very troublesome sight for many homeowners. If you are looking for a reliable pest control agency for locations of Rye NY or in any other region without any success, then you can try some home remedies of your own. Here are some of the ways that you can try DIY pest control for wasps.

Take Care of Your Safety

The foremost requirement for pest control in Westchester County or any other region is safety. You should have protective clothing, goggles, and gloves to protect yourself from any sudden attack. Wasps don’t sting unless provoked. However, it’s better to play safe rather than be sorry afterward! Long sleeves and long pants with closed-toed shoes are the ideal protective clothing when you go for inspecting a wasp nest.

Find the Nest 

If you have been seeing a lot of wasps flying around, then you would need to look into the possibilities of more than one colony. It is obvious that one place used for building a nest can be ideal for building another one too. The following places should be the hotspots that you don’t want to miss while looking for wasp colonies. 

  • On plants, bushes, and trees.
  • Areas which remain undisturbed for long periods of time.
  • On the ground in the proximity of plants and bushes.
  • Beneath the window sills and eaves.
  • Under the siding or other overhangs that overhang along with a building.

Identify the Species

The next step in pest control for wasps is highly crucial as it helps in finding the ideal treatment plan. Identification of the species of wasps residing in a nest can help you find the best plan for dealing with them. The location of the nest has a prominent role in determining the type of wasp you are dealing with.

There are many possible options for controlling an infestation of wasps, depending on the number of colonies and the location of the nest. 

  • One of the common remedies for wasps is peppermint oil because it is a cheap and highly efficient method for dealing with wasps. Placing cotton pads or tissues dipped in peppermint oil around the places where you find wasp nests can help you deal with unwanted pests. 
  • Another common method to get rid of wasps is the sugar and water ‘honey trap.’ 
  • You can also use a spray of soapy water on the wasp nest thereby clogging their breathing pores and suffocating them to death

Choose the Right Solution

Therefore, if you want the best solutions for pest control in Westchester County or any other region, you have to try some research on your own. Even if you don’t find a reliable pest control service provider, you can opt for DIY pest control measures. However, the extent of the infestation and your capabilities matter a lot in dealing with a pest control situation. So, if you are not confident enough, then it’s better to go for a professional pest control service provider right now!